Dedicated to the cause of quality education, Sree.J.Devaiah Education Trust(R) was founded in the year 1995. Established in the one of the city of India , Mandya, although, the Foundation's primary focus is on educating the students from across the country.

Our Management is dedicated to the task of framing good education for the students of this institution on a competitive international standard keeping in mind the bright opportunities for the nurses. Nurse education integrates in broader awareness of other disciplines allied to medicine, often involving inter-professional education, and the utilization of research when making clinical and managerial decisions.
    Institutions, like individuals, are known and distinguished by their ideas, thinking and beliefs that shape their approach to issues, problems and challenges. Nursing education creates a body of professionals who will provide preventive and curative services to the people in a wide variety of healthcare settings.
The whole focus is to render quality education on modern and competitive lines so that in every student of our institution gets the distinct identity.

To challenge and channelize students to achieve most of their individual talents and a greater understanding of themselves. To develop intellect of students through maintenance of highest standards of academic excellence and education growth.

Provide a Plate Form for higher learning to make comprehensive health care programme successful through trainers & trainees in the field of Nursing and in supporting disciplines.

we at A.E.T Institute Of Nursing Science believe that:
1).    Comprehensive and holistic component of nursing care is based on Nursing theories and in the application of these ideas in nursing practice.
2).    Professional education in nursing is a continuous process based on concepts of nursing practices, which needs to be promoted by providing education to the nurses at various levels.
3).   To provide qualitative healthcare through nursing and midwifery, the nursing students need to develop critical analytical thinking skills and professional competencies and standards.
4).  Providing the right kind of facilities will help and promote creative thinking and self-directed learning that is essential for promoting quality in nursing care among the students.
5).  Higher education leads to well-informed and efficient leaders, educators and practitioners of nursing.
6).  Developing scientific attitude helps in innovating to overcome challenges that the profession is facing today.
7).  Promoting personal and professional growth of the students and faculty is essential for our growth.
8).  Teachers have to be role models and create learning environment to foster the desire for life-long learning among the students.
9).  We have an important role to play in making the students exemplary citizens by instilling in them in strong sense of code of ethics and professional approach in their 10).  profession so that they may, in course of time , go on to fulfil personal, social and professional obligation that are demanded of them by the society.

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